The Devil in His Face (or Pretty Fly for a Brown Guy)

If you see this man, report him to your Committee for Prevention of Vices
The Devil (photo: lanacion)

This, my friends, is one of the three men allegedly deported from Saudi Arabia: for being too handsome! Let’s now observe a minute of silence.

Ok …now that I’ve collected myself: what kind of a country expels good-looking people? That’s nucking futs! Seriously! What kind of sick, twisted government fills a country with ugly people as a matter of policy? If I could outbid, outspend the entertainment & fashion industries, airlines and media companies (read why) – I’d surround myself with beautiful people all day.

The story is that Mr. Irresistible here – was really putting on the moves …the grooves at some cultural festival. And this led the Committee for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (that’s a real thing) to fear for the chastity of tender Arab girls. So the Committee duly gave the dapper delegates a dose of deportation.

Of the three ousted, the ridiculously-photogenic Omar Borkan (pictured here), isn’t too upset though. He’s rumored to be going around telling the story of his deportation with a lot of gusto. That’s because the story has gone viral and really boosted his fledgling acting career. Take that Arabian haters!

Hey! Guess what? Me and my falcon got deported! (photo: jezebel)
Hey! Guess what? Me and my falcon Wingman just got deported! (photo: jezebel)

Postscript: in other unexciting news, official Al-Arab sources and the Committee acknowledged that Borkan was indeed asked to step aside, but that was it. He was not asked to leave the festival, let alone the country.

Boo! Personally, I suggest trusting the self-fanning internet rumor mill. 

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