Bangladesh has been squeezed up between a ravenous India and a coy Burma since forever! The country can hardly shuffle without grazing Myanmar’s nuts or bruising India’s ego. The country is about the size of Greece and was a part of Pakistan till its much-celebrated 1971 War of Liberation. Bangladesh has the longest sandy beach (Cox’s Bazar) and largest Mangrove forest (Sundarbans) on the planet.

bangladesh 1

Bangladesh is secular and democratic. The population is a mainly Dravidian (read ancient African, Tamil types) – with a slight mixture of Persians, Afghans, Arabs (often clumped together as Aryans). Over 90% of its people is Muslim, mostly poor and extremely simple. Main exports are clothing, leather, drugs, seafood etc – all those things we can’t have enough of!

You may have heard of Bangladesh’s poverty, hunger, climate-change, floods and in-fighting already.  And those things are a part of daily life here. Here are a few images to show you how I see Bangladesh. Usually, we don’t apologize for the lack of photo credits.


bd wasfia


bd surfing

sk iftekhar ahsan

bd - rickshaw

bd - lungisundarbansGoogle Bangladesh Doodle1adnanramin.wordpress.combd - poverty alleviationbd enrolmentbd - under-5 mortality

bd parliament

bd buildingBD boat school 1bd hatirjheel
bd microfinancebd boat-racebd leepu carBANGLADESH-RELIGION-RAMADANbd Sundarbansbd shipbuildingbd Yunus-at-Nobel-Peace-Centre-Oslobd Lalon bandbd palace



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