I Want Ugly Newscasters!

Ok, ‘ugly’ is a strong word. I’ll settle for nondescript.

Why is it important for newscasters/anchors to be good-looking? It’s not, right? But – they freakin’ are! Dashing, square-jawed, distinguished-looking men with graying hair and sultry seductresses with smoky eyes and ample busts are the purveyors of news everywhere. Check out Maxim’s 10 hottest anchors. Or Askmen‘s.adnanramin.wordpress.com

Do a Google image search for ‘Erin Burnett’ – and the related searches are ‘Maxim, legs, boyfriend, feet, dress’. For Matt Lauer they’re ‘hair, abs, young, wife’. Let’s face it: with gorgeous anchors and the occasional sexual innuendos – who can care too long about the news? In the end, I’m so busy looking at Ms. Burnett’s legs and antics – I’m numbed to the news. Unless she’s cheerleading. Then I dance.

Oh Lord! Let Melissa Theuriau be the one to announce the zombie apocalypse.

It’s because people like Melissa Theuriau read the news that many have failed to notice that Americans Pay Afghan President’s Salary, The Sheikh is Getting into the Queen’s Bed or that Earth is Turning into a BBQ Grill. If you have missing such developments – you, too, want ugly newscasters.

You just don’t know it yet.


    • You.get.me! So glad you dropped by – do come around again, ok? I’ll be keeping a tab on your restart – waiting to see some great posts. Till we petition for Ugly Little Liars on TV, take care.

  1. I’m old enough to remember when “weathermen” were ugly. That was before silicone implants invented the “weather-girl”. Thanks for the follow – your blog looks interesting – I like your style. 🙂

    • Haha – seriously, whatever happened to TV news? It gets more and more like a glossed over reality show every year. ‘Newscasters’ is just one way of poking fun at how fake, glossy and irresponsible news channels have become. So, thanks for the ideas and compliments.

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