Arabic Notices on Dhaka Walls: Reinforcing Misconceptions and Uninformed Choice

Bangladesh’s Ministry of Religious Affairs, with its advertising agency Grey (Dhaka) has produced a slick video that shows how posting anti-urination messages in Arabic is keeping the roads and walls clean. But how appropriate are such solutions?

আলাল ও দুলাল | ALAL O DULAL

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Adnan R. Amin for
 A video titled ‘Language Matters’ has been making the rounds in Bangladeshi social-media circles. It explores the utility of Arabic warnings to ward off public urinators. The using of a religious misconception to prevent a social evil is clever. But what if it also reinforces and lends credence to that misconception?

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  1. Hmm… Usually in Pakistan using Arabic works at stopping public from their wrong doings, but here it’s due to the very fact that 99% Pakistanis are inflicted with trying to Arabise our Non Arabness-Asian status. Its downright hilarious and annoying to note people perceiving Arabic language speakers above rest of the populace, tells a lot about our insecurities at many levels.

    • Hey WFTE, I know – it’s just frustrating, right? As it is, Muslims seem to be under surveillance or attack everywhere in the world. And then we have socio-political institutions embedding further ignorance into our populace! Having found Islam through Arab conquerors, sailors and preachers – people of the subcontinent have come to regard Arab race, language, culture and rituals as superior to that of theirs. And it is high time they realized it’s completely baseless.

      Thanks for coming by and commenting. Haven’t been to your blog in a while …will visit soon. See ya!

      • I completely agree and we totally need to come out of our south asian insecurities when it comes to Islam and Arabians.
        Feel free to come by, been writing a lot on feminism in Pak and regional contexts!

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