Idiocracy 101

Idiocracy is democracy gone wrong through idiocy.

We live in a world where wars are made for peace, governments act against citizens, corporations come before humans, gadgets are smarter than students and morality is rooted out of governance. This is the global idiocracy. There are a few indicators and traits that identify the idiocracy.


Wars to establish peace / democracy are doomed. They bring only death and revenge. Similarly, any system that attempts to resolve a Debt Crisis through more credit – is a bastard child of hogwash policy and a D’oh citizenry. Hold your mighty thoughts on Economics and consider that the 5 Big Banks responsible for the mortgage crisis, as a result, are now ‘too bigger to fail‘.


Entire civilizations have been led into battle over trivial matters – including enemy-women and stray pigs! I hold that any civilization that, even for a second, accepts that everyone else is out to destroy because ‘they hate  freedom’ – is a one of two things: a Lilliput people trampled under a governmental Leviathan, rendered incapable of free speech; or a gullible little teenager of a country who’s only dream is to become the lead-whore of the plastics in the global high-school. So out went the USA to level the WMD-country without a shed of proof or a constitutional declaration. Hold your remaking-of-the-world-order theories – because the final tally is: 170,ooo lives and 0 WMDs.

Iran, the new Iraq, has been held as the most dangerous, hostile country in the world today. It, too, is amassing WMD and has a maniac of a president. But before the US goes ninja on its ass, what facts do we have?

USA attacks since 1945


There are systems and processes put in play to manufacture idiocracies. Propaganda, oft-repeated lies, opinions packaged as news and false choices – all are ingredients of idiocracies. An example of an ‘apparent dichotomy of choice is: are you liberal or conservative? As if – these are the only absolute and permanent choices in the world! I’m with Chris Rock on Liberal-Conservative – who holds a rational view. I mean, seriously! What bonehead bunched Strong Government and Denial of Global Warming together? Other false choices include believer-infidel, civilized-barbarian, allied-axis etc. These are the terms in which this world is presented before us – often obliging us to pick one. And there – starts the idiocracy.

Spectrum of Debate1 - Chomsky


In the movie Idiocracy (2006), Mike Judge makes an interesting case that stupid people have more kids. But you know what I recently unearthed? Its not just in the movies – there’s now research to support it! Global IQ is on the decline. Reading habits are on the decline. Soon, there will emerge a generation chomping only on horny housewives, blood-sports, duplicative gadgets and GM fast-food – waiting for Wall-E.

In the film Idiocracy, Joe Bauers, pulls a Rip Van Winkle and wakes up in the year 2505. He’s unable to communicate, because “the English language had deteriorated into a hybrid of hillbilly, valley girl, inner-city slang and various grunts.” The degenerate morons who occupy this brave new world amuse themselves with vapid, vulgar reality shows like “Ow, My Balls!”

Real-world reference from Idiocraticpost:

kardashian idiocracy adnan r amin


I’ve been thinking: Is it education? Is it limiting TV time? Is it recalibrating importance of gadgets and sports? The best approach may be an attitudinal one. And if that be the case, Mr. Steve Jobs may have said it best.


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