Nothing’s Sacred Anymore

My first piece for Alal O Dulal – the definitive English-language blogging platform in Bangladesh. For those without context, Ghulam Azam was a convicted war-criminal and also long-time spiritual leader of Jamat E Islami Bangladesh. He died recently of a heart attack, having served a little over a year of his 90-year sentence. Interestingly, his funeral attracted thousands – even hundreds of thousands – of people. An odd thing for a war-criminal, don’t you think?

আলাল ও দুলাল | ALAL O DULAL

IMG_2900 Copyright: Awrup Sanyal

“Barring people’s sincere, spontaneous participation –their right to which is unquestionable – the overblown Janaza event serves no real purpose other than being a spectacle. It serves itself. It does not reflect upon the Dead’s soul or their lives – but upon a desperate clutch at straws by an organized political force that is drowning; it sheds light upon a scheming, listless, heartless, mindless rush to maximize – even during mourning periods and at the cost of anyone around – brand equity and relevance in National Politics.”

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