People of Gaza: When They’re Not Being Killed by Israel

Do an image search for ‘Gaza’ and hundreds of gory, bloody photos will pop up instantly. That’s the face of Gaza we see on the screen. I won’t post those pictures. But many don’t seem to realize that Gazans do have better things to do than be constantly hounded, pounded and terrorized by Israel (and yes …I said ‘terrorized’). These photos are the ones we don’t usually see. These are the people of Gaza.

“Yeah, I hear we’re grounded too …” (source: PressTV, Iran)
“I am …Ironman!” (source: Haaretz)
“What do you mean curtsy?” (photo: Islamic Relief)
“Farmer by day, SuperSanta by night …” (photo: Ruqaya Izzidien)
“My lips are sealed. Promise.” (photo: joegaza, flickr)
Birds born in cages think flying is an illness (credit: Samir Kishawi)
“I know what you did last summer” (credit: Samir Kishawi)
Say a little prayer for you (source:
“Say a little prayer for you …” (source:
Candies make me forget that my fav shirt says 'old age' (photo: )
Candies make me forget that my fav shirt says ‘old age’ (photo: Sarah El-Khoudary)
Cart-pooling for school (source: AFP)
“Slow down, lady! This is a no-speeding lane” (source: AFP)
“Why do children have to turn into teenagers?” (photo: Khalil Kamra/AP)
“Why! This Easter is most unorthodox!” (photo: joegaza, flickr)
“I’m Moe …these are Larry and Curly” (photo: joegaza, flickr)
“Most of my heroes don’t appear on no stamps” (photo: Ibrahim Abu Sharkh)
 (photo: Omar Liu)
“I’m going to smile, and my smile will sink down into your pupils, and heaven knows what it will become.” (photo: Omar Liu)

happy1prayCaptions are my own. No offense is meant.


  1. What is there to say….war sucks! what is going on in gaza sucks! Whatis happening in south sudan…..the list is seemingly endless, as are the online petitions I sign almost everyday, hoping that the world will change. I believe it will but cant give a timeline… humanity win out!

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