video Bob Dylan’s Music Video is 50 Years Late. But It’s Worth It!

‘Like a Rolling Stone’ Interactive Music Video (Full Version)

Bob Dylan has just released the much-awaited music video to his timeless classic, Rolling Stone Magazine’s Greatest Song of All Time and my all-time favorite song ‘Like a Rolling Stone’. But it’s not just an ordinary video. It’s also a TV screen where you can flip through channels, without stopping the song.

The stations you can flip through include a cooking show, The Price Is Right, Pawn Stars, local news, a tennis match, a children’s cartoon, BBC News and a live video of Dylan and the Hawks playing “Like a Rolling Stone” in 1966 – Rolling Stones Magazine.

“I’m using the medium of television to look back right at us,” director Vania Heymann told Mashable. “You’re flipping yourself to death with switching channels [in real life].” Adds Interlude CEO Yoni Bloch: “You’ll always miss something because you can’t watch everything at the same time.”

I am absolutely ecstatic that this brilliant, epoch-making song got such an intriguing, provoking video.

More on the interactive video and coinciding releases


  1. I love early Dylan but I’ve never been too fond of that song.

    It initially made me uncomfortable because it is an expression of schadenfreude towards a woman who was once a high flyer who had fallen from grace, but I became even more leery of it when I discovered it referred to a real person whom Dylan had allegedly misled and exploited. Leopardskin Pillbox Hat is also supposedly about Edie Sedgwick.

    I guess I prefer Masters of Destruction, Hard Rain and Tangled Up in Blue.

    • Hahaha …I agree that song is very spiteful. You can almost taste the evil glee expressed as she scrounges. Perhaps that’s what makes it so real …so human. It’s the song of an imperfect man.

      But it’s not only the futile anger & spite that haunts me. I’ve long been absolutely smitten by the organ riff with the harmonica overlay that plays just after ‘How does it feel …’ (and how honestly cruel is that question?) in the chorus. If I’m not wrong, it was ranked as the best musical riff in Rolling Stones Magazine (or was it Fender’s?).

      Didn’t know about Sedgwick. Will look into that sometime – though I doubt that will change how I have taken the song to relate to my life 🙂 All the other songs you mentioned – I absolutely love. Especially, Hard Rain. And also Times They Are A’ Changing, Lay Lady Lay, Tambourine Man and all the the usual suspects.

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