video What Makes a City Happy?

Dhaka (capital of Bangladesh) has recently been voted the second worst city to live in. There’s little reason to rejoice not being the champions, since that honor went to none other than Damascus. A week later, a listicle list apparently ranked Dhaka as the 7th happiest city. I don’t know much about rankings. But no one who has lived in Bangladesh can ever deny how pointlessly happy we are. So much so that the 147th developed country out of 196, was ranked 11th happiest not long ago. What is the secret? I think it has to do with being content with small achievements, everyday blessings and ordinary love.

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  1. yea for things everyday.!..gratitude for what we have can sometimes seem to be in short supply amongst many in my community. Having just come back from a country where many dont have much and yet are some of the most generous and open hearted people I know. : )

    • Yay indeed! Right now I am going to be very happy that you commented on my post – while you be happy that you made me happy! But seriously, it takes nothing to be contented if you just let it happen. I’ve made it a habit to look at the moon every time I brush my teeth at night. And its oft-unnoticed splendor is uplifting. So, tell me …what little thing recently made you happy?

      P.S. the land of generous people – did you mean Indonesia?

      • Indeed I did….they put us ozzies to shame really. And as for what little thing made me happy …welll many.. I am now back home and my garden has survived a month without me, thanks to my friends who came and watered it for me, and that made me really happy, as well as to just be ‘home’ … I love my place in the world.

    • Thanks a lot Asha! Yeah …I think I tend to become increasingly high-maintenance (read: happy to please) with time and need a bringing-down-to-earth every now and then. And nothing works better than a look at the less-fortunate. It’s almost as if they’re more efficient in creating and nurturing happiness – while I need smartphones and the latest Mohammed Hanif novel just to make do. Ever feel that way?
      P.S. what ordinary happiness have you found recently?

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