The Idiots Are Coming!

The upsurge of idiotic, ignorant and racist/bigoted people on social media is bad enough to make one think they were an organized – even intelligent – force. Their mission: to propagate idiocy and ignorance. But in my head, masses of idiotic people moving intelligently, doesn’t compute. Isn’t the act of propagation inherently intelligent? Perhaps there’s some Dr. Evil orchestrating this impending disaster so that the Ignorant can out-vote and out-comment the Regular Guy/Gal.

This is a collection of stupid ‘statuses’ and comments from social media. The post is as banal as the people/statements it tries to make fun of. While contents may seem offensive in a couple of instances – it is compensated by the occasional wit, pun, snark, rant, reason/logic and plain humor. Like Jace below, they are the forces standing between advancing idiots and us.


Hang tight, here come the idiots!

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Oh well! You get the picture. The good part is the spark of wit and snark floating around on this crisscrossing mess of social faux pas, utter ignorance and bottom-dog insolence. Here are a couple of favorites.


And finally, my favorite …Kim Jong’s deadliest strike!


Check out this hilarious and utterly useless website


    • Or depressing. Depending on how you look at it. Who was it that said ‘the world is a tragedy to those who feel and a comedy to those who think’? Either way, seems pretty apt here. Thanks for reading.

      • To be honest, nobody walks away from the world content with what they have seen. trust me, a laugh out of it all is better than fretting because if we have gone anywhere over the centuries, we’ve only gone further and further from a situation which could be regulated. But alas.

      • well no one walks out of the world content with the people. So what choice do we have aother than having a laugh out of it while we can? 🙂

        Cheers ^_^

        • Haha – yeah, my sentiments exactly. Some things are just so sad that you can’t help laughing at them. Like Donald Trump’s toupee! But none of them are really laughing matters.

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