video (Faux) News Zealot

Fox News’ Lauren Green zealously went after scholar Reza Aslan for writing a book on Jesus Christ (Isa) titled ‘Zealot: the Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth’. “You’re a Muslim, so, why did you write a book about the founder of Christianity?” she demanded. Aslan tried, in vain, to explain that as a scholar and academic – it was part of his job to research and write about Jesus.

Ms. Green obviously knew nothing of Jesus’s exalted position in Islam, Reza Aslan’s credentials as a scholar of Religion & Biblical Greek or the contents of the book. She even tried accusing him of misrepresenting his religion (Islam) – to which, Aslan replied it was mentioned in the 2nd page of his book. With no problems in his academic qualifications or personal experience of Jesus (Aslan converted to Christianity when he was 15) – the only problem was his being a Muslim. It didn’t occur to Ms. Green that Christian scholars are writing on Islam everyday without being accosted on national television.

A better line of questioning could’ve revealed important clues about Aslan’s views on Jesus and furthered interfaith dialog. But the moronic insistence on the writer’s religion did result in the interview becoming widely viewed and highly debated. Maybe that was the strategy. Meanwhile, Aslan’s book has hit #1 on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble best-seller lists.

Trivia: the word ‘Zealot’ can actually refer to a first century Jewish sect resisting the Romans to establish a world theocracy.


  1. Fox News’ main goal is to divide people whenever possible and create as much discord as possible; sowing seeds of discord between different religious groups is just one aspect of that. Fox News also tries to sow discord between different racial groups, and between Americans in the north and south. I am inclined to think that Rupert Murdoch may actually be the devil.

    • Hahaha …no wonder Damien Thorn (of The Omen fame) was trying to appropriate a media empire! But seriously, media with an agenda, is sad, With an agenda like this – they’re detestable. And it’s downright wrong how stupid news presenters are allowed to be these days.

  2. Interesting synchronicity here, Adnan, because as a result of our previous dialogue, I just bought Reza Aslan’s No God But God, to help me better understand your perspective. I happened to also buy Zealot, as it shared the shelf, and the lives of prophets are actually more interesting to me that the scriptures.

    Both of my parents were areligious, having both felt oppressed by their strict upbringing in fundamentalist Christian homes. We happened to live in a very diverse area of Los Angeles, where I had playmates of many different Christian, Jewish and Buddhist denominations. I asked to join them in all their various Sunday schools and services, and so got a very broad education in comparative religion.
    Sadly none of them were Muslims, so it has only been through my reading of the Qur’an and popular culture that I know of the Islamic traditions. Do you think No God But God is a good place for an atheist to begin?

    • Hey Nesdon! Wow – you’re way ahead of me as I am yet to read either. Books published in the USA / UK / Canada – are rarely available in Bangladesh, unless they are written by Dan Brown, Grisham or Obama (in that order) 😀 My reading of Aslan is limited to his political pieces on FP and the like. Perhaps you will post a review once you’re done reading?

      It’s fascinating to read about your childhood – must’ve been a lot of fun with all that diversity. I can see where your interest in comparative religion comes from. You know …I’ve always believed that one firmly dedicated to the Truth – always ends up finding it. May Allah / God / nature / invisible forces / fate lead you to the Truth. I am unable to say if No God But God will help in your quest. But there’s no doubt that it will be fantastically-written and a riveting-read.

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