Ruzzle Me Restless

I’ve been Ruzzled.

Before I elaborate, I must confess that I look down on people who play their little farmville, bridesville, candy crush sagas on social networks all day. I hate the little updates on their walls that refer to obscure levels and random confectionery feats. I’m tempted to block those who send me invites. People ought to have better things do to. The  least they can do is be secretive!

July 16, 2013: I was sitting there in my room – not indulging in little, annoying games or allowing pesky apps on my phone – when I got Ruzzled. I didn’t see it coming – but when it did, there was no mistaking it. Through our (Muslims’) holy month of fasting and a consulting deadline looming – I flicked and tapped on …Ruzzled away – like a crazy person with red-eyes and ruffled hair.

Those who aren’t still aware of the addictive affliction that is Ruzzle – its a 4-by-4 word-jumble game for your Android / iOs phone. In 2 minutes, you find and slide your fingers across words to earn points. You are either matched against real-life friends or allowed to play against faceless strangers online. Ruzzle has also added a ‘chat’ option. You can challenge friends and bug random strangers to come and get their mettle tested.


It took me five to ten minutes to get my eye in – upon which time I began to detect words appearing in reverse or diagonally. If you can spot ”learnt’ in the pic above – you can do it too. But then, I noticed that every time I finished, the game said, ‘you found 25 words out of a possible 335’! Whaaaat! Really? 335? There ain’t 335 words in those 16 alphabets, sonnie! Wanna bet? Okay, launch Ruzzle!

To make things worse/better, Ruzzle features Scrabble-like double and triple letter/word scores. So, while your vocabulary is vital – intelligent placement (i.e. where to source vowels for your words) makes  the game extremely challenging. I can barely blink or keep my mouth closed. It’s my unbearable grimace of being.

All around the planet, gamers have the same zombified expression
All around the planet, gamers have the same zombified expression

The maker of Ruzzle, Stockholm-based MAG Interactive, boasts that it now has more than 9 million players in over 100 countries. It’s also available in 10 languages. So you can really have your pick when it comes to  opponents.

As the game reminded me an hour ago: I’ve played over a 100 consecutive games now. I’ve not yet won five consecutive ones though. But I’m beginning to see patterns on tablecloths, curtains and mirrors – like Neo in The Matrix. Anyways, my phone is beginning to purr. The world of Ruzzle is calling. Strangers keep on challenging me and I can’t stop. I’ll never judge farmville players again, I swear.

Why – if its a nuisance, a curse – does it feel so good?

Get Ruzzled Now!

Warning: play Ruzzle at your own risk, especially if you got homework, projects,  family or pets. 


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