Fire With Fire

CTL019 was always going to be a pretty horrendous name for a miracle. Yet it proved no less miraculous.

Recently, doctors saved the life of little Emily Whitehead (7) who had been suffering from Leukemia. What’s amazing is that they used the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) to fight her Cancer.

Emily Whitehead: a year without Cancer (photo: Kari Whitehead)

The HIV is very good at breaking cells down – and usually wreaks havoc on our immune system. But in this experimental therapy, titled CTL019, a disabled form of HIV was allowed to attack Cancer cells. Emily no longer has any disease in her body.

Lots of love for little Emily who bears witness to divine mercy and human ingenuity in fighting fire with fire. I’ve always believed that the Almighty has given a cure for every illness. I hope, this is one of them.

One comment

  1. Reblogged this on Masud's Blog and commented:
    Sometimes, we just see things for what they are, they can be so much more if you only put your mind to it, and see their inner potential.

    A cure for leukemia? A cure using HIV?
    Kudos Dr. June and Team, #Respect .

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