Of Spies and Ballerinas

The whole PRISM-Snowden affair was never going to be exciting, or even relevant, unless we got to see some skin. So, this morning CNN obliged by tracking down Snowden’s ex-girlfriend Lindsay Mills in Hawaii and doing an in-depth story on her.

Lindsay Mills, (ex?) girlfriend of Ed Snowden – the self-proclaimed NSA whistle-blower, alleged hero and accused traitor.

It is because of the likes of CNN that I came to know that Lindsay is a ballerina par excellence and self-proclaimed pole-dancing superhero. And any media/consumer/idiot knows that ballerinas are always sexier than eavesdropping-apparatchiks. Unless the ballerina IS the spy. Really, this is the kind of ballsy, investigative reporting that the world needs if we are to understand the nature of things. If Snowden really was such a responsible citizen, the report asked, how could he have left this girl to suffer alone? I was wondering the same thing: how could he? That too, someone with abs like that!

The question was never whether it can be made legal for a government to spy on its people. The question was, and still is, who is Edward Snowden and why does he hate chicks with great bodies? And does he hate Skittles too?

PRISM - Lindsay-Mills
A picture tells the story: Lindsay Mills in full whistleblower-sympathizer gear

And there we were – the irreverent ones, the rebels – laughing at how positively ugly NSA’s PowerPoint slides were! So, for those of us who doubted the US government’s wisdom in spying on people’s smallest whims (guised as thoughts), food-pictures and relationship statuses – here’s your reply: It was probably PRISM that enabled the NSA/CIA to obtain these lovely pictures that prove just what a jerk Snowden is.

O NSA / CIA – as you already know, I am going out for pizza. If you come by to scan my blog in the meantime, please post a comment. Please?

PRISM - FB update

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