The Woman in the Red Dress

Most of you are probably thinking of the woman from The Matrix.

istanbul - matrix

I’m talking about someone else.

For over a week, Istanbul’s Gezi Park Protests had appeared to me like yet more turmoil in the mid-east: till The Woman in the Red Dress walked in to the scene.

She, to me (and millions more), is the face of the protests. She makes me wonder why she isn’t turning down some jerk with a cheesy pick-up line at a local bistro. The Woman in the Red Dress  makes me want to know why she is standing in the Gezi Park in that marvelous dress, her hair undulating in a mist of pepper spray.

istanbul - red

The heavy-handed police action has only strengthened the protesters’ resolve. The image has gone viral. A depiction of a towering Woman in the Red Dress in front of a cop has appeared in Gezi Park. The government has apologized. But we’ve not seen the end of this.

istanbul - red artistanbul - poster

istanbul - red anim


    • Hey! Thanks …I guess. I mean she DOES stand out on her own, right? Look at that resolve, that spirit! Its almost as if WE are the helpless ones, marveling at her courage. She’s every woman in red.

    • Thanks mate. Very sad indeed. But here’s a thought – if use of force is what will get people to revolt against and disobey government behemoths, maybe they all are necessary evils for social change.

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