My Ephemeral Wind

Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.

Over the past week or so, Dhaka temperatures have risen to a stuffy, collar-wilting 38° Celsius. It was as if air itself had vaporized and I was left in a heated, rarefied vacuum, breathing through my mouth.  Little did I know the Ocean was sending tons of cool, moist air my way. Today, millions of tons of cold air arrived and bunched into dark, fluffy clouds that hung all around the horizon.

180° Panoramic shot from work. Who wants to work on a day like this?

And then a sprightly gust brought in that familiar scent of earth-water-air mixed into one: that smell of something living, wild or even gamey – something almost not of this Earth. That savage-smelling wind that, during Monsoon, invades the civilized world – interrupting hectic corporate schedules, ruffling sheaves of printouts, toppling paper-cups and blowing the agenda away …just before the rains come pouring down. I love this wind that heralds the rains – perhaps because its such an outcast and because its drowned out by downpours so quickly.

Today, I slipped away from work to smell the ephemeral wind.

Utl view
Can you smell the wind?


  1. There are qualities – primal, intrinsic, and invigorating,- that blow with the wind. The wind brings with it an electric charge – natures reminder, or perhaps natures kick in the ass. My favourite – from the rural valley I grew up in – the scent of sagebrush on a hot summer wind, following a thunderstorm. Pure magic 🙂

    • Oh! That does sound lovely. Can’t wait to revel in that sagebrush-scented wind some day. Your prose in unbelievably evocative. Pure magic 🙂

  2. Great post! I look forward to the rain and the smell of sodden ground. Today was another such day.

    • Hey you! Yep – its great to be able to appreciate the little big things once in a while. I feel as though society, today, almost shames us into not doing it. But we won’t go down quietly – we WILL smell the roses. Thanks for coming by.

  3. Beautiful post! I can smell the rains, here also.. it has been raining off and on for 2 days..Thank you for sharing Adnan. Be well!

    • You know …I can’t make up my mind about rain: today I love it, tomorrow I hate it. But I did, after all, go out and get drenched this year. It felt childish and rejuvenating. Thanks for visiting and perhaps you’ll consider getting drenched too 🙂

      • I agree! I loved playing in the rain as a child, but now, my old bones won’t stand for it.. lol.. again.. great post!

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